Bilene Accommodation

Mozambique, Gaza Province, Bilene

Bilene, Mozambique

Bilene offers a unique attraction which isn't just the beach itself but the enormous salt water lagoon called Uembje, which ultimately gives visitors the chance to appreciate and experience the best of both worlds in one location.

The Lagoon stretches 13kms and is parallel to the coast, only to be separated by a large sand dune which eventually meets at the lagoons mouth. The Lagoon mouth is kept open to allow for boats, Deep Sea Fishing and Scuba Diving Charters to take to the ocean to go about their activities. Within the lagoon, visitors can explore numerous smaller bays and coves on what ever craft you choose, whether it's by canoe, jet ski or boat - most of which can be hired from a number of lodges in Bilene.

Most of the lodges in Bilene are only a stones throw away from the lagoons warm waters which caters for a variety of fun activities and water sports, including: Windsurfing, Kite surfing, Parasailing, Wake Baoding, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Slalom, Knee Boarding, Canoeing, Snorkeling, Volleyball and more. What's significant about the lagoon, is it's shallow and calm waters, making it safe for swimmers which is ideal for parents and families who have small kids.

Bilene village also offers a few restaurants with lodges that welcome walk-ins, a bakery, cafe, curio shops and markets that sell local arts & crafts and basic supplies for visitor needs. Beach bars have a great vibe and get busy on the weekend with good music, dancing and one of Mozambique's most popular drinks, Tipo Tinto Rum and Raspberry which is often referred to as R&R. Laurentina and 2M pronounced "dosh M" are also favourite drinks in Mozambique.

Mozambique Map, Bilene